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Our Copyright

Copyrights are very long and quite involved for legal purposes.   This shortened
explanation will answer most of the questions I've received regarding my copyright.
If you have further questions, contact me.

Type "copyright" in the subject line.

All of my designs, patterns, photos and text are copyrighted.
You may use my patterns and designs to make projects for yourself,
as gifts, or to sell at craft shows and/or consignment shops.

You may not use any of my photos, whether printed or from our Website,
or any of my text, patterns, drawings, or other material published mechanically or
electronically by Hiller Productions for any purpose other than listed above.

You may not use my designs for mass production in any manner or form.

You are allowed to print a copy of the download patterns that you purchase; however,
you may not disperse the files in any manner, nor may you reproduce the
downloadable files in any form whatsoever.



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