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Mixing Chart and
Substitute Colors for Discontinued Colors
Delta - DecoArt Americana
Paint Substitution Chart



Paint Substitution Chart

  This is not a conversion chart.  To convert paint colors properly, there would be
a certain amount of mixing to get the appropriate color.  Rather, what I did
on the charts below is pick a DecoArt color that I would use in place of
a Delta Ceramcoat color.  There are a few DecoArt colors where I mixed
two colors to get a better substitute color.  Mix the second color
to the first color.  The amount of the second color that you mix in is
strictly up to you.  It just depends what you want the final color to look like
when painted onto your project.

The chart on the left is Delta Ceramcoat to a DecoArt Americana Substitute.
The chart on the right is DecoArt Americana to a Delta Ceramcoat Substitute.

If you find a better substitute color, let me know! 

Delta Ceramcoat DecoArt Americana   DecoArt Americana Delta Ceramcoat
AC Flesh Toffee   Alizarin Crimson Berry Red
Adobe Red Brilliant Red   Antique Green Avocado
Alpine Arbor Green   Antique Maroon Candy Bar
Amethyst Lavender + Red Violet   Antique Teal Blue Spruce
Antique Gold True Ochre   Antique White Flesh Tan
Antique White Buttermilk   Arbor Green Alpine
Apple Green Lemonade   Avocado Forest Green
Aquamarine Calypso Blue + White   Baby Blue Blue Danube
Autumn Brown Milk Chocolate   Baby Blue Blue Heaven
Avalon Blue Calypso Blue   Baby Blue Blue Jay
Avocado Antique Green   Baby Blue Spa Blue
Azure Blue Calypso Blue   Baby Pink Think Pink
Bahama Purple Country Blue   Bahama Blue Caribbean Blue
Bambi Brown Mink Tan   Bahama Blue Salem Blue
Bamboo Eggshell   Black Green Black Green
Barn Red Heritage Brick   Black Plum Chocolate Cherry
Berry Red Alizarin Crimson   Black Plum Royal Plum
Bittersweet Tangerine   Blue Violet Purple Smoke
Black Cherry Burgundy Wine   Blue Violet + Dioxazine Purple Rythm 'n Blue
Black Green Black Green   Bluegrass Green Emerald Green
Blissful Blue Winter Blue   Bright Green Green
Blue Bayou True Blue   Bright Green Spring Green
Blue Danube Baby Blue   Bright Green + White Lime Green
Blue Heaven Baby Blue   Bright Yellow Bright Yellow
Blue Jay Baby Blue   Bright Yellow Citrus
Blue Lagoon Deep Periwinkle   Brilliant Red Adobe Red
Blue Spruce Antique Teal   Bubblegum Pink Bubblegum Pink
Blue Storm Deep Midnite Blue   Bubblegum Pink Lisa Pink
Blue Velvet Deep Midnite Blue   Bubblegum Pink Pink Quartz
Blueberry Sapphire   Burgundy Wine Black Cherry
Bright Red Cherry Red   Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna
Bright Yellow Bright Yellow   Butter Candlelight
Brown Iron Oxide Russet   Butter Chamomile
Bubblegum Pink Bubblegum Pink   Butter Cornsilk Yellow
Bungalow Blue Deep Periwinkle   Butter Hope
Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna   Buttermilk Antique White
Butter Cream Buttermilk   Buttermilk Butter Cream
Butter Yellow Moon Yellow   Buttermilk Lt. Ivory
Calypso Orange Tangerine + White   Cadmium Orange Poppy Orange
Candlelight Butter   Cadmium Red Fire Red
Candy Bar Antique Maroon   Cadmium Red Fruit Punch
Cardinal Red Country Red   Cadmium Red Napthol Crimson
Caribbean Blue Bahama Blue   Cadmium Red Rouge
Cayenne Shading Flesh   Cadmium Yellow Crocus Yellow
Chambray Blue Winter Blue   Calico Red Crimson
Chamomile Butter   Calypso Blue Avalon Blue
Charcoal Graphite   Calypso Blue Azure Blue
Chocolate Cherry Black Plum   Calypso Blue + White Aquamarine
Christmas Green Holly Green   Camel Maple Sugar
Cinnamon Rookwood Red   Carousel Pink Pop Pink
Citrus Bright Yellow   Celery Green Stonewedge Green
Coastline Blue Winter Blue   Charcoal Grey Dark Chocolate
Colonial Blue Desert Turquoise   Cherry Red Bright Red
Copen Blue Sapphire   Cherry Red Red
Coral Melon   Citron Green Gecko
Cornsilk Yellow Butter   Cocoa Spice Tan
Cricket Limeade   Coral Rose Fiesta Pink
Crimson Calico Red   Coral Rose Persimmon
Crocus Yellow Cadmium Yellow   Country Blue Bahama Purple
Custard French Vanilla   Country Blue Periwinkle
Dark Chocolate Charcoal Grey   Country Red Cardinal Red
Dark Foliage Green Hauser Dark Green   Crimson Tide Moroccan Red
Dark Forest Green Plantation Pine   Dark Chocolate Espresso
Dark Goldenrod Orange Twist   Deep Burgundy Maroon
Dark Jungle Green Plantation Pine   Deep Burgundy Mendocino
Dark Night Ultra Blue Deep   Deep Midnite Blue Blue Velvet
Deep Lilac Lavender   Deep Midnite Blue Blue Storm
Deep River Green Hauser Dark Green   Deep periwinkle Blue Lagoon
Deep Sea Coral Terra Coral   Deep Periwinkle Bungalow Blue
Denim Blue Sapphire   Desert Turquoise Laguna Blue
Desert Sun Orange Shading Flesh   Desert Turquoise Colonial Blue
Drizzle Grey Grey Sky   Desert Turquoise Tahiti Blue
Dunes Fawn   Dried Basil Green Lt. Timberline Green
Dusty Plum Purple Cow   Driftwood Mudstone
Dusty Purple Plum   Eggshell Bamboo
Eggplant Pansy Lavender + Dioxazine Purple   Eggshell Raw Linen
Emerald Green Bluegrass Green   Eggshell Sandstone
Empire Gold Marigold   Electric Pink Pretty Pink
Enchanted Lilac   Espresso Spice Brown
English Yew Green Light Avocado   Evergreen Pine Green
Espresso Dark Chocolate   Fawn Dunes
Eucalyptus Green Mist   Fawn Latte
Fiesta Pink Coral Rose   Fawn Trail
Fire Red Cadmium Red   Flesh Tone Medium Flesh
Flesh Tan Antique White   French Vanilla Custard
Fleshtone Mocha   Golden Straw Straw
Forest Green Avocado   Graphite Charcoal
Fruit Punch Cadmium Red   Graphite + White Storm Grey
Gamel Green Plantation Pine   Green Mist Eucalyptus
Gecko Citron Green   Green Mist Green Sea
Golden Brown Honey Brown   Green Mist Leprechaun
GP Purple Purple Cow   Green Mist Oasis Green
Grape Plum   Grey Sky Drizzle Grey
Green Bright Green   Grey Sky + White Soft Grey
Green Isle Kelly Green   Hauser Dark Green Dark Foliage Green
Green Sea Green Mist   Hauser Dark Green Deep River Green
Green Tea Mint Julep Green   Hauser Dark Green Hunter Green
Hippo Grey Slate Grey   Hauser Dark Green Woodland Night
Hope Butter   Hauser Light Green Leaf Green
Hunter Green Hauser Dark Green   Hauser Light Green Lt. Foliage Green
Hydrangea Pink Poodleskirt Pink   Hauser Medium Green Medium Foliage Green
Island Coral Medium Flesh   Hauser Medium Green Seminole
Jade Green Holly Green + White   Heritage Brick Barn Red
Kelly Mistletoe   Holly Green Christmas Green
Laguna Blue Desert Turquoise   Holly Green + White Jade Green
Latte Fawn   Honey Brown Golden Brown
Lavender Wisteria   Honey Brown + White Roman Stucco
Leaf Green Hauser Light Green   Indian Turquoise Paradise
Lemon Grass Reindeer Moss Green   Jade Green Wedgewood Green
Leprechaun Green Mist   Kelly Green Green Isle
Lilac Orchid   Lavender Deep Lilac
Lima Green Limeade   Lavender Pansy
Lime Green Bright Green + White   Lavender + Red Violet Amethyst
Lime Sorbet Mistletoe + White   Lemonade Apple Green
Lisa Pink Bubblegum Pink   Light Avocado English Yew Green
Lt. Chocolate Mink Tan   Light Mocha Putty
Lt. Foliage Green Hauser Light Green   Lilac Enchanted
Lt. Ivory Buttermilk   Lilac Pale Lilac
Lt. Timberline Green Dried Basil Green   Lilac Sweet Pea
Magnolia White White Wash   Limeade Cricket
Maple Sugar Camel   Limeade Lima Green
Maroon Deep Burgundy   Marigold Empire Gold
Mediterranean Primary Blue   Medium Flesh Island Coral
Medium Flesh Flesh Tone   Medium Flesh Peachy Keen
Medium Foliage Green Hauser Medium Green   Melon Coral
Mello Yellow Moon Yellow   Milk Chocolate Autumn Brown
Mendocino Deep Burgundy   Mink Tan Bambi Brown
Mocha Terra Cotta   Mink Tan Lt. Chocolate
Moroccan Red Crimson Tide   Mint Julep Green Green Tea
Moss Green Soft Sage   Mint Julep Green Village Green
Mudstone Driftwood   Mississippi Mud Territorial Beige
Napthol Crimson Cadmium Red   Mistletoe + White Lime Sorbet
Napthol Red Light Napthol Red   Mistletoe Kelly
North Sea Victorian Blue   Mocha Fleshtone
Oasis Green Green Mist   Moon Yellow Butter Yellow
Ocean Mist Blue Salem Blue   Moon Yellow Mello Yellow
Ocean Reef Blue Ocean Blue   Napthol Red Napthol Red Light
OJ Tangerine   Ocean Blue Ocean Reef Blue
Orange Pop Tangerine + White   Orange Twist Dark Goldenrod
Pale Lilac Lilac   Orchid Lilac Dusk
Pansy Lavender   Pansy Lavender Passion
Paradise Indian Turquoise   Pansy Lavender + Dioxazine Purple Eggplant
Passion Pansy Lavender   Pink Chiffon Peony
Peachy Keen Medium Flesh   Pink Chiffon Touch O Pink
Peony Pink Chiffon   Plantation Pine Dark Forest Green
Periwinkle Country Blue   Plantation Pine Dark Jungle Green
Persimmon Coral Rose   Plantation Pine Gamel Green
Pine Green Evergreen   Plum Dusty Purple
Pink Parfait Spice Pink   Plum Grape
Pink Quartz Bubblegum Pink   Plum + White Wisteria
Pop Pink Carousel Pink   Poodleskirt Pink Hydrangea Pink
Poppy orange Cadmium Orange   Primary Blue Mediterranean
Pretty Pink Electric Pink   Pumpkin Pumpkin
Pumpkin Pumpkin   Purple Cow Dusty Plum
Purple Dusk Violet Haze   Purple Cow GP Purple
Purple Smoke Blue Violet   Raw Sienna Raw Sienna
Putty Light Mocha   Red Iron Oxide Red Iron Oxide
Quaker Grey Slate Grey   Reindeer Moss Green Lemon Grass
Queen Anne's Lace Sand   Reindeer Moss Green Sea Grass
Rain Grey Slate Grey   Rookwood Red Cinnamon
Raw Linen Eggshell   Rookwood Red Sonoma Wine
Raw Sienna Raw Sienna   Royal Fuchsia Royal Fuchsia
Red Cherry Red   Russet Brown Iron Oxide
Red Iron Oxide Red Iron Oxide   Sable Brown Toffee
Roman Stucco Honey Brown + White   Salem Blue Ocean Mist Blue
Rouge Cadmium Red   Sand Queen Anne's Lace
Royal Fuchsia Royal Fuchsia   Sand Western Sunset Yellow
Royal Plum Black Plum   Sapphire Blueberry
Rythm 'n Blue Blue Violet + Dioxazine Purple   Sapphire Copen Blue
Salem Blue Bahama Blue   Sapphire Denim Blue
Sandstone Eggshell   Shading Flesh Cayenne
Sea Foam Silver Sage Green   Shading Flesh Desert Sun Orange
Sea Grass Reindeer Moss Green   Silvery Sage Green Sea Foam
Seminole Hauser Medium Green   Silver Sage Green Silver Pine
Silver Pine Silver Sage Green   Slate Grey Hippo Grey
Soft Grey Grey Sky + White   Slate Grey Quaker Grey
Sonoma Wine Rookwood Red   Slate Grey Rain Grey
Spa Blue Baby Blue   Soft Sage Moss Green
Spice Brown Espresso   Spice Pink Pink Parfait
Spice Tan Cocoa   Tangelo Orange Tangerine
Spring Green Bright Green   Tangerine Bittersweet
Stonewedge Green Celery Green   Tangerine OJ
Storm Grey Graphite + White   Tangerine + White Calypso Orange
Straw Golden Straw   Tangerine + White Orange Pop
Sweet Pea Lilac   Terra Coral Deep Sea Coral
Tahiti Blue Desert Turquoise   Terra Cotta Terra Cotta
Tangerine Tangelo Orange   Toffee AC Flesh
Terra Cotta Terra Cotta   Tomato Red Tomato Spice
Territorial Beige Mississippi Mud   Tru Blue Blue Bayou
Think Pink Baby Pink   True Ochre Antique Gold
Toffee Sable Brown   Ultra Blue Deep Dark Night
Tomato Spice Tomato Red   Victorian Blue North Sea
Touch O Pink Pink Chiffon   Violet Haze Purple Dusk
Trail Fawn   White Wash Magnolia White
Village Green Mint Julep Green   Wild Orchid Lilac
Wedgewood Green Jade Green   Williamsburg Blue Williamsburg Blue
Western Sunset Yellow Sand   Winter Blue Blissful Blue
Williamsburg Blue Williamsburg Blue   Winter Blue Chambray Blue
Wisteria Plum + White   Winter Blue Coastline Blue
Woodland Night Hauser Dark Green   Wisteria Lavender



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