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Cutting Wood - The width of the wood required is given with each project. 
You will need a supply of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" and thicker widths up to
1 1/2" thick wood.  I prefer basswood, but use pine when
I'm in a pinch.  Basswood is nice to cut, sand and paint. 
Use 1/4" wood for magnets and ornaments, 1/2" wood for
adding the small dimensional pieces onto larger designs, or for
layering several pieces together.  The 3/4" and 1" wood works well
for chunkies and wallhangings.  I use the greater thicknesses of
wood for special designs, such as salt and pepper shakers.

Preparation - Sand wood pieces until they are smooth and wipe all
sawdust off with a tack cloth.    I prefer to paint directly on the wood
without a sealer, but you can seal your wood first if you
find it's necessary.  Pine is a sappy wood and definitely should be sealed.

Transfer the Design - Trace the pattern onto a piece of transparent tracing paper. 
Place tracing on wood and hold in place.  Slip a piece of graphite paper
between the tracing and the wood, making sure the right side is down so
it transfers correctly.  Go over the main lines of the pattern
with a stylus, pencil or old dried up ballpoint pen.

Assembly - The instructions for assembly are given with each individual pattern. 
Use a good wood glue and clamp your pieces together using wood clamps. 
In some instances, nailing or screwing your pieces together in addition to the
glue will lend added stability to your work.   Surfaces must be completely flat
for the glue to form a permanent bond, so sand well.

Finishing - Finish your project with several light coats of spray or
brush-on varnish.   My favorite is JW's Right-Step Matte Varnish ... and, no,
they did not pay me to say that!


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